LPG Subsidy Status – Check Gas Subsidy Amount in Bank Account


Check the Status of LPG Subsidy & Find out the Subsidy Amount in Your Bank Account using this Simple Online Process

f you are not sure whether you are receiving LPG Subsidy or not, You need to Check the Status of your Subsidy. In this article, we will help you to Check the Subsidy Status Online. Also, you can easily Find out the Subsidy Amount in your Bank Account. Here, we are sharing the online process for you and this process is valid for HP Gas, Bharat Gas & Indane Gas LPG Connections. Let’s not waste time and get started right away.

Check LPG Status Online

Requirements –

  • LPG Connection Details
  • Details of LPG Distributor
  • 17 Digit LPG ID

First of All Visit the Official Page

  1. Indane Gas Users, Click Here
  2. HP Gas Consumers, Click Here
  3. Bharat Gas Consumers, Click Here

  • Once the Official Page is Opened, Click on the “Audit Distributor” Link

  • Now, you need to Select your LPG Distributor
  • Either you Can Enter the distributor Name and Search for it or you Can Simply Select your State, District Name and Distributor Name

  • After this Click on “Proceed”
  • Wait for the Page to Load Completely
  • Now, Enter the Captcha Code and Click on “Consumer Consumption/Cash Transfer Details”

  • Now you will Find List of All the Consumers, You need to Locate Yourself
  • Use the Search Option to Locate your Details
  • Once you Find yourself on the list, Focus on “Total Number of Refill Delivered” Column
  • Now Click on the “Cylinder Number”. It could be 1,2,3 etc. Depending on your Consumption

Check LPG Gas Subsidy Amount in Bank Account


  • Now you will see your Subsidy History

  • You will See the Subsidy Amount Paid to You and also you will be able to Witness the “Transfer Status”
  • In the Transfer status section, you will also be able to check your Bank account details too

As you can see, using this simple process one can easily Find out the Subsidy Status and Check the LPG Gas Subsidy Amount in your Bank Account.