What Are The RTO Rules For Selling A Scrap Car?


What are the RTO rules for selling a scrap car?

Though it is the standard practice today to sell a car within a year or two of purchase, but there are still many people who believe in a long partnership.

However, since the car has a life and it can be detrimental for the environment if you continue to use it after a certain number of years, the car has to be declared as scrap and sold off. There can be another reason for selling your car as scrap too – in case of a grievous accident.


Car scrapping is still not a very organized sector in India. The rules are not the same across the country. In Delhi, petrol car has a life of 15 years and diesel car for 10 years; in Maharashtra, its 15 years for both petrol and diesel, while in the rest of the country, there is no stipulated number of years for car scrapping. If you can provide a valid fitness certificate, then you can use the car for as long as you want. However, in case you need to scrap your car and sell it, let us take a look at the rules that you should follow.

  1. At first, you need to inform the RTO that the vehicle is to be scrapped. You should also inform your car insurance company before you scrap the car.
  2. Your vehicle has a unique chassis number which is used to identify your car. This number, along with the RC, has to be submitted to the RTO. Submitting your chassis number is necessary as it means that no one else can use it illegally.


  1. The RTO will then check to see if the car is free from legal and financial obligations. Once satisfied, he will de-register your vehicle from the records. Now, your car is ready to be scrapped.
  2. The police can choose to view the scrapping process and record it as a video.
  3. Next, you have to approach an authorized scrap dealer to get your vehicle scrapped. He will survey the car and quote a price based on the weight of the car.
  4. You will have to furnish your proof of identity, ownership and residence to the scrap dealer to prove that this is an authentic deal. You also need to submit a photo copy of the RC to him.
  5. Once the deal is clinched, he will then pull down the car and put the iron parts aside from the plastic and rubber ones.
  6. You can negotiate with the scrap dealer about the price of various parts based on the condition of these parts.
  7. It is better if the scrapping of the car is done in your presence and you carry some proof of the process in the form of photographs or videos. This will ensure that the car is indeed scrapped and the dealer does not sell it off to another person to indulge in illegal activities. This proof can be submitted to the RTO.

Scrapping a car is necessary if it has aged sufficiently and is polluting the environment. It is expected that there might soon be some incentives announced to encourage this activity.




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