Want To File Unauthorised Transactions At SBI,Read Now.


Want to file unauthorised transactions at SBI; Remember these guidelines.

There are many cases when you witness an unauthorised transactions. These kind of transactions can be either someone hacking your account and removing money or to as simple as sharing your debit card or credit card pin with anyone like spouse, family, friends or relatives. In short, any transaction that is not done by you against your bank account is considered as unauthorised transactions. When a situation like this arises you are restless after all its your hard earned money that goes for toss. Largest state-owned lender SBI does take these matter into account which is why it has enhance their guidelines this year for reporting unauthorised transactions.


SBI through its official twitter account said, “If you witness any #unauthorized electronic #transactions, notify the same on these toll-free numbers 1-800-425-3800 / 1-800-11-2211.”

However, there are many other list of guidelines launched by the bank in taking care of customers unauthorized transaction issue.

Here’s what you need to do when encountered unauthorized transactions.

Firstly for availing electronic banking facilities, customer must mandatorily register their mobile number for SMS alerts and wherever available, email address for mail alerts.

Bank may not offer the facility of electronic banking other than ATM cash withdrawal to customers who do not register mobile number with SBI.


Customer should notify the bank of any unauthorised electronic banking transaction at the earliest after the occurence of such transaction.

The longer the time taken to notify SBI, the higher will be the risk of loss to customer as per Bank’s compensation policy placed.

To facilitate this, SBI has provided 24X7 access to customer through multiple channels such as website, phone banking, SMS, email address  dedicated toll free number <1800 11 11 09> or <1800 11 22 11> or <1800 425 3800> and reporting to home branch during working hours.


In case there is an unauthorised transactions detected by the bank, then they will send you information from the above mentioned portals.

On receipt of complaint of unauthorised transaction from the customer, bank will take immediate steps to prevent further unauthorised transactions using the concerned channel by blocking the respective channel immediately.

As soon as a complaint is lodged, SBI will send an SMS/ email as an acknowledgement along with registered complaint number to the customer.



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