Now, Listen To These Messages Without Opening Chat.


WhatsApp good news! Now, listen to these messages without opening chat.

At times it can be really annoying to open a WhatsApp chat and listen to the audio messages you receive. It eats up some of your precious time. And, surely, clicking even one time extra is a distasteful chore for most people. To make life easier, the instant messaging platform is set to introduce a new feature that would allow users to listen to voice messages without having to open the app. The feature would also allow users to hide the fact that they have read the message or been online. According to a tweet by WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, the feature will be coming to iPhones in the future.


“Yes, it’s a push notification with an incoming voice message, on iOS. It will be available in future (maybe in a major update with other features?),” the platform confirmed, in a tweet. As exciting as the new feature might sound, there is a chance that users might end up playing the voice messages aloud by mistake. It would be interesting to see how WhatsApp takes care of this problem.

As of now, the feature is only expected to arrive on iOS devices. The roll out date for the same is yet to be announced. Also, there is no word on when the feature would be made available for Android users.

Edit media files

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also testing another feature that allows you to edit media files that you’ve sent or received on the application. The feature is reportedly being tested on both, Android and iOS, platforms. Like many WhatsApp features in beta, the release date of this ‘Quick edit’ feature isn’t made final. WABetaInfo had earlier posted screenshots of the feature in development.

These images showed that a new ‘Edit’ button will be introduced next to ‘Share’ and ‘Favourite’ buttons that will allow you to edit the media. This feature would allow you edit audio files right before sending them, similar to what you get with images. The only difference here is that you can now edit photos that you have received or already sent to someone right from the application.