How to send audio message on Instagram


Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram has recently added the voice messaging feature to its Direct messages for both Android and iOS devices. The new audio feature allows users to record and send the voice note of up to one minute in private chat or group chat.

This new audio feature works in a similar way we have already seen on other instant messaging apps and services. If you are wondering on how to send voice messages to your friends and family, here’s our ready-to-use guide for you.

1. Pre-requisites:

– Working internet connection

– atest version or above on Android and 74.0 or above on iOS

– alid Instagram account

2. For Android:

– Open Google Play Store

– Search for Instagram from the search bar

– Tap on the Instagram icon

– Then, hit the ‘Update’ button to commence the update process

3. For iOS:

-Open App Store

– Search for the Instagram app

-Tap on the update button to start updating

Steps to follow: Send voice note

1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone

2. Tap on the ‘Direct message’ icon from the top-right corner

3. Select the contact or group you want to send the voice message

4. Now, look for the ‘Mic’ icon in the text box below

5. Tap and hold on it to start the recording process

6. Once done, release the button to send.

7. Users can also, press and hold and swipe up to lock the recording button.

Note: If you are not sure about the message recorded, drag your finger towards the left to delete the recorded message and re-record. Also, in case you have already send a voice note, you can also press and hold at the message to unsend it.