How to Apply and Activate Fastag India ?


We all know what Fastag is, but how do we apply and get one Fastag for ourself?
Those who doesn’t know what is Fastag, please check the link here

How to get a Fastag?

Fastag is currently provided by ICICI bank and AXIS bank. Paytm also have partnered with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for Fastag.

  • We can contact ICICI bank sales office for creating a Fastag account or send sms to 5676766, and the bank will contact us. SMS format is ITOLL(Space)Pincode(Space)Name to 5676766.Example ITOLL 560045 Sachin
  • We may also visit any of the Point of Sale (POS) locations at Toll Plazas to get your Fastag account created. POS locations also issue Fastag.

What are the documents required?

We need

  • duly filled Fastag application form
  • a passport size photograph of vehicle owner
  • a copy of Vehicle RC ( Registration Certificate)
  • an address proof document
  • an ID proof document
  • a check of Rs. 510/- in favor of ICICI ETC account.

How to apply for a Fastag?

I will explain about the procedure to get Fastag through ICICI bank

  • Download the Fastag application form from ICICI website here .
  • Fill the application form and affix the passport size photograph in that.
  • Keep a copy of vehicle RC ( Registration Certificate)
  • Keep a copy of driving license, a valid driving license would be sufficient for Address & ID proof. If both application form address and license address are different, then provide the supporting document for address proof such as PAN card, Passport or Aadhar card copy.
  • Keep in handy a check in favor of ICICI ETC account for Rs 510 (amount may vary)
  • Now send an SMS to 5676766 in the above mentioned format. The bank sales person will contact you in a couple of days.
  • Submit the application form and documents to sales person.

Now, we have submitted all the documents to bank sales person,  roughly it may take a week to get the Fastag account created.

How to Activate Fastag account?

Bank will start the process of Fastag account creation and how do we know that?

It is very simple. Once the submitted cheque is debited, we start receiving sms to our registered mobile number mentioned in our application form.

Bank will allocate you an account number,  a Fastag account number and a Fastag number and will link the Fastag number and account to your vehicle number.

Once account is created, the Bank sales person will handover the Fastag to you personally and they may insist you to paste it on the vehicle in presence of them. As toll amount from Fastag is deducted based on your vehicle type, there are chances that Fastag taken for a LMV and can use it on HMV.

Fastag sticker will look like below image. There will be a chip attached to the front side of each Fastag sticker.


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