Finally, a bank app that stops you from spending, helps save a lot of money!


How about a banking app that lets you pick where to spend and where not in advance?

How about a banking app that lets you pick where to spend and where not in advance? Sure, you will end up saving a lot of money at the end of the money. When on a shopping spree, generally we tend to overspend. More so, when buying alcohol in a bar or gambling. A bank has found a solution to this. It has introduced an app that allows customers to block payments with certain type of retailers. This may help people dealing with addictions or those who can’t stop overspending.

The facility has been introduced by Barclays. A similar facility by other banks would certainly help a lot of people. The Barclays’ mobile banking app has a button that helps customers pick the types of retailers they are ready to spend. Payment to those retailers “turned off” in the app will be automatically declined.

According to a report by The Guardian, the feature, which is currently available to all debit card holders, will soon be made available to credit card users of the bank as well.

As per official website of the bank, Barclays mobile banking app help people change their cash machine limit, view pin, freeze card, pay people and check balance. It helps customers take control of their money with spending controls. “Take control of your spending – choose a daily limit for cash machine withdrawals, and control whether your card can be used to make payments online, on your apps or over the phone,” says the website.

Barclays Debit Card features: 

– Allows customers access their bank account at over 80,000 VISA/VISA Plus ATMs in India and over a million ATMs overseas
– Withdraw up to Rs 50,000 per day at ATMs; Purchase limit of up to Rs 50,000 per day.
– Shopping worldwide and locally at more than 325,000 outlets in India and 13 million establishments worldwide. The amount is debited directly to the customers’ account in rupees, irrespective of the currency they spend while shopping overseas.
– Comprehensive VISA Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS)* whenever you travel overseas.
– Classic Debit Card comes with a reassuring cover of up to Rs 50,000 against misuse/fraud in case of a lost card.


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