5 Tricks To Earn Free Paytm Cash Online Via Watching Ads


Wondering on how to earn free money into your paytm wallet? How to get free paytm cash online for fun? Well, you can simply follow the given methods below and reward earn free paytm cash money online by completing simple tasks on your smartphone. Sounds unbelievable, but true! You just need to know where to start, and you can earn a good amount of Paytm cash.

Scroll down to know in details about the 5 simple tricks and ways that can help you add money into your paytm wallet for virtually doing nothing (say for example, unlocking your phone). With the help of these easy tricks to earn free Paytm rewards & money in your wallet, you can shop online, make digital payments, send to a friend, or redeem the money in your bank account. Read on to know more:

5 Easy Ways To Earn Free Paytm Cash Online

Herein checkout the major apps, games, online sites etc. that provides you with an opportunity to make eay money with your paytm account:

Make Unlimited Paytm Money By Watching Ads, Videos & Completing Tasks

Sitting at home you can earn money just by downloading apps and completing tasks. Is it sounding unbelievable? Then just follow our lead and you will come across some exciting apps like Cash Panda, Ladoo, Pocket Money etc., which will let you earn free cash.

Using these apps are very easy. Just by installing some other popular apps, watching videos or completing some other tasks, you can earn money and transfer it to your Paytm wallet.

  • Complete the Tasks on Ladoo App to Win Paytm CashWith the Ladoo app, you can earn cash by installing apps on your smartphone. Most of these apps are very popular. The money earned with this method can be used to make recharges, or you can also choose to transfer them to Paytm. Note that while transferring money to your Paytm account, 10% of the amount will be deducted as transaction charge by Ladoo. And if you like the app, then refer it to your friends to earn more money.How to make money for free via Ladoo:
    • Sign up for the Ladoo app
    • Complete the tasks given such as installing other apps, watching ads/videos, sharing content on social media etc.
    • Each task is assigned with a fixed paytm reward
    • E.g.: Installing the Droom app earns you a reward of Rs. 6. Installing the IMRB app adds Rs. 10 to your paytm account.
    • After the given task has been successfully completed, the said amount will be credited to your Ladoo account.
    • You can complete as money tasks as you want and earn handsomely
  • Earn Money with Cash PandaCash Panda comes with a tagline “Where Money Rains”. It’s another “free paytm cash” app, where you can earn points by watching videos and completing other tasks. You get the opportunity to redeem the earned points in real cash. Your rewards can be credited to your Paytm account. Tasks include clicking on the advertisements, watching free videos, etc.

    Steps to make money through Cash Panda:

    • Install and sign up to the Cash Panda app
    • Complete the designated tasks
    • Installing the Flipkart app lets you earn 400 points, while by installing PhonePe, you earn 150 points.
    • When you accumulate a lot of points, you can redeem every 100 points for Re. 1, and transfer the amount to your Paytm wallet.
  • Slide App – Unlock your Phone and Earn Paytm RewardsHere we have a new app that lets you earn free Paytm cash by just unlocking your mobile phone. With this, you also get sign up points of Rs.10. Presently, slide app is available for android devices only. Accordingly, you get .15 paise for each time you unlock the phone. Suppose if you unlock your mobile phone 50 times a day, then you will be credited with 0.15×50= Rs.7.5 per day.Things to be kept in mind:
    • With each offer, you get Rs.5 as referral points.
    • Only registered mobile numbers will be eligible for the earnings.
    • Refer points will be provided only if your friend downloads the app from you referred link.
  • Pocket Money AppIf the above-mentioned apps couldn’t satisfy your thirst of earning money by performing tasks, here’s the best one, the Pocket Money app. You can earn free cash through this app not just by installing different apps, but also can earn a daily bonus by visiting these apps daily and spending your internet bandwidth on them. The money you earn through this app is quite handsome in comparison to the previous apps. After you complete the offers and earn some money, you can transfer the money directly to your Paytm account. To avail, unlimited offers install apps like Amazon, Savan, etc and earn money.

    Follow these Simple Steps and earn monetary rewards in your Paytm Wallet:

    • Download the Pocket Money app
    • Install different apps on Pocket Money to earn points. E.g. installing Amazon app lets you earn Rs 80.
    • Visit these apps daily to consume data, which lets you earn extra
    • Complete tasks and enter into contests to win more bonus
    • Use the money to make mobile recharges or transfer them to Paytm
  • Watch Ads and earn Rs.100 Paytm Cash with AdzyncYes! Ads are really very annoying but nothing is “bad” when you are getting paid for it. On Adzync, you can watch Ads and earn paytm cash just like that. Install and register to Adzync app by downloading it for free from Playstore or Applestore. You can register your account by inserting your email id and the required details. Link your Paytm account with Adzync in order to get the points credited to your wallet.Please note that you can earn Paytm cash by watching ads, sending commercial messages to whatsapp contacts, refer and earn program. Also, the referrer gets 10% of the total amount earned by the referred contact on sign-up.
    • Sign-up points: 25zync
    • 100zync = Rs.10 paytm cash
    • 950zync = Rs.100 Paytm cash
  • InstaCash AppEarning with downloads is an absolutely new and innovative way of killing your time and actually getting paid for that. InstaCash is one of the free apps which provides the users daily Paytm cash with completion of some tasks. It requires installing the app from Playstore and verifying the mobile number. Basically, the users are asked to complete some challenges. In the end of each challenge, the user gets Rs.4 Paytm cash which can be redeemed only if the user invites at least 5 friends to install and use the app.
    • Minimum Redemption: 250 points
    • Referral points after sign-up: 2 points/referral


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