5 Best Weight Loss Apps To Lose Weight Now


These are the best weight loss apps you can download to get in shape and lose weight. These apps turn your iPhone or Android into a personal trainer, dietician and  support community all built-in to one handy tool. You also don’t need to pay big bucks for an expert to help you. These apps make it easy to track calories, lose weight and keep it off.

The best weight loss app helps you do better with your current goals to lose weight or get fit. These apps will help you get there and stay there better than you can by mentally tracking your progress. A healthy diet and even a minimal workout will help you maintain progress in the long run. Once you start making progress you may want to add in some of the best fitness apps too. This is a very personal choice as the motivators work differently for everyone.

These apps help you stick with your plan to eat healthier and lose weight and help keep weight off. Whether you are working out in a gym, walking at lunch or hitting the weights these apps will help you monitor your activity and track your calories easily. Most of these apps to lose weight are free to use. Some offer premium options for a price, but you can get started without spending any money to achieve your goal.

A study from Kaiser Permanente found that logging your food doubles your weight loss, so we’ll share several apps to help you do that, plus we’ll share apps to help you work out smarter and faster as well as apps that motivate you and track your overall progress. Another studyfound that using a smartphone to track this led to a longer period of tracking and ultimately tracking with a smartphone led to nearly twice as much weight lost than using a website or a pen and paper.

We’ll focus on three key areas with these weight loss apps — food logging, activity, and motivation. You need to combine these factors to lose weight and to keep it off once you hit your goals.

1. Lose It!

Lose It is a free weight loss app for iPhone and Android that helps you achieve sustainable healthy weight loss. This tool includes an app as well as a website so you can see your information on your computer as well.

You can connect to people, your various devices and food information that will help you lose weight with smart decisions. Lose It helps you create a personalized weight loss plan with goals that include a goal weight as well as total wellness and fitness.

Lose It connects to other apps like RunKeeper, Nike+ and a variety of devices and scales to help you track all of your fitness data easily and intelligently. You can create goals with a group of friends, challenge friends or yourself and get support from the group to stay on track.

  • Lose It for iPhone & iPad
  • Lose it for Android
  • Lose It Kindle

Lose It is free, with a $39.99 premium option that includes much more tracking, meal planning and other upgrades.

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is another popular app that helps you track your food intake, exercise and call on your friends to help keep you motivates. This app, owned by Under Armour is the central part of how I lost 25 pounds last year.

MyFitnessPal includes access to a million foods and items in a searchable database that lets you easily add your food log to your iPhone or Android. There are also apps for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

This app and service is free, with apps that make logging easily and a personalized diet profile that helps you set a healthy diet goal and a healthy exercise goal.

  • MyFitnessPal for iPhone
  • MyFitnessPal for Android

There are options to friend other users and connect with your contacts and Facebook friends for support and motivation.

MyFitnessPal also connects to a variety of apps and accessories like FitBit, Withings, Runtastic, Endomondo, Jawbone UP, Pact and others that help you track your progress with specialized apps and accessories. There is also an Apple Watch app.

3. Nike+

The Nike+ app has your weight loss plan with workouts to get you to your goal.

If you don’t know where to start with a new workout that will help you lose weight, you can use the Nike Training Club app.

This app helps you chose a workout or a four-week program that will help you get lean. There are over 100 workouts and the app can help beginners, intermediate or advanced users.

  • Nike+ Training Club for iPhone
  • Nike+ Training Club for Android

You can even use the app on your tablet or on your TV, so that you can train the way that it works for you. The TV part works with AirPlay, ChromeCast or a HDMI cable.

4. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers can help you lose weight even if you don’t want to go to meetings.

The Weight Watchers app is a great tool for losing weight, but it is pricier than the other options with monthly fees of $19.95 depending on your subscription. There is a lot that you get from this subscription, and offers to join for free that you should check out.

Oprah Winfrey recently shared how she used Weight Watchers to lose 26 pounds, thanks to managing what she eats. The Weight Watchers app uses SmartPoints instead of calories so that you only need to track one set of numbers each day.

The Weigth Watchers Fitbreak app is also a powerful companion that can motivate and remind you to be more active with short 1 mintue fitness breaks throughout your day.

  • Download Weight Watchers for iPhone
  • Download Weight Watchers for Android

Look for offers to join Weight Watchers free, including an option to get a refund for your first two months of fees when you lose 10 pounds.

5. Fitbit

Take control with the fitbit app.

While you might think of Fitbit as a device you need to buy and wear, you can use the app with just your iPhone or Android device. Your phone has enough sensors to track most of what the Fitbit app needs to help you get in shape and lose weight. If you like the app and want more tracking when you aren’t carrying your phone, you can always buy a Fitbit device later.

The Fitbit app can help you be ore active, eat better, lose weight and even help with sleep. The app includes daily goals for steps, calories burned and distance traveled. You can log workouts and even Yoga to track your activities. There is also a food logging portion so that you can keep everything in one specific place.

One of the biggest benefits is if your friends are already on Fitbit, since you can compete with them in a variety of challenges. These will keep you motivated and engaged.

  • Fitbit App for iPhone
  • Fitbit App for Android

When you need help working out, you can check out the Fitstar section to get help with personalized video workouts tailored to you.


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