You Will Lose Money From Your Bank Account,Check Now.


Income Tax Refund Alert! You will lose money from your bank account if you make this mistake.

Income Tax refund is something that many taxpayers wait for eagerly, but there is a threat to the money in their bank accounts for the unwary account holders. Income-Tax Department has issued advisory to people saying that they should read any income tax refund message very carefully, as fraudsters are trying to cheat innocent tax payers by sending them income tax refund notices through email or SMS. What they want to know is their bank account number, credit card or debit card number.


Keep these things in mind about Income Tax refund

According to the Income-Tax department, it neither demands to know about any OTP from any income tax payers nor seeks information of any kind related to PIN or bank account. If someone is asking for sensitive information by telling you about the income tax refund, he is trying to cheat you. In such a situation, do not respond to such mail or messages at all, the department advised.

How to recognise real or fake messages

If you think that you have received a mail from the Income Tax Department, first of all, you should read the mail’s domain name very carefully. In such mails, you will find an identical id similar to the income tax department’s mail id. Besides, you will also see spelling mistake or there will be a wrong header in the fake mail.

If you receive any such suspicious mail, do not open the attached copy in that mail at all. It may have a software that would steal your information. Avoid opening such links as well. If you open such links and you are asked for information like your bank account number, credit or debit card number, then do not make this information available at all.





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