This way, withdraw money from PF online This way, withdraw money from PF online


This way, withdraw money from PF online in 5 days will be available in your bank account

Before withdrawing the money from the PF, the government cuts the TDS but sometimes it is necessary for the money that you have to withdraw it. For this, you had to go through a long process and after that it took 20 days to get the money.

This has benefited from the digital era that you do not have to go anywhere. Apply online only at home and within 5 days you will get your PF money in bank account. The process of online application is very easy.

Make this application

  • Visit the EPFO ​​website at
  • Log in by putting UAN number, password and captcha.
  • Click Manage. Select KYC and check all information.
  • Click Online Services. A drop menu will open. Click on Claim from this.
  • Click on Proceed For Online Claim to submit your claim form.
  • Go to ‘I Want To Apply For’ Please select your option in full EPF Settlement, EPF Part withdrawal (loan / advance) or pension withdrawal from it. There will be no click on this option, if you are not qualified.
  • Money will be transferred to your registered bank account after a few days of filling it. This information will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Can not remove offline if linked to base

If your EPF account is linked to the base then you can apply online to withdraw its money. EPFO has decided to look into the burden of work due to the increasing issues of offline claim.