Patent suggests Microsoft is working on a smart battery with ultra fast-charging for Surface devices


There’s a good chance Microsoft will want to incorporate this new ‘smart battery’ in its Surface devices someday soon.

A new patent published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests that Microsoft is working on a new ‘smart battery’ that supports ultra-fast charging on mobile computing devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Originally spotted and reported by Windows Latest, the patent is titled ‘Smart batteries for ultrafast charging’. According the patent page, it was filed by Microsoft in February 2017 and published by the USPTO on August 23, 2018.

In the background section of the patent, Microsoft writes, “Users have access to an ever-increasing variety of portable computing devices with which the users interact on any given day. For example, users may carry a mobile phone and tablet, a portable music player, wearable devices (e.g., a watch, band, or other wearable), and so on. Further, these computing devices may include additional peripheral devices used to expand the functionality of the computing devices, such as powered headphones, an active stylus, cursor control devices (e.g., a mouse or trackpad), dedicated game controllers, and so forth.”

In the abstract section, Microsoft says, “Methods and devices are described for charging a smart battery in a computing device. The methods and devices may include determining, by a battery management controller, a charging configuration for managing one or more battery modules of the smart battery and transmitting a charging configuration signal to one or more battery modules of the smart battery.”“The methods and devices may include receiving, by at least one of a plurality of charging coils, power from a wireless signal based on the wireless signal coupling energy to at least one of the plurality of charging coils at a frequency as the at least one of the plurality of charging coils and charging at least one battery module connected to a respective one of the plurality of battery control boards in response to a respective one of the plurality of charging coils receiving the power from the wireless signal,” Microsoft adds.

While Microsoft suggests that the battery is being designed for mobile computing devices, it fails to mention if they include Surface devices. Surface is Microsoft’s line of premium laptops, in which the majority of the current models are hybrid or convertible. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that this new ‘smart battery’ will find its way into the bodies of Surface devices someday soon.