Old passport will be ‘useless’,


Old passport will be ‘useless’, Modi government will soon bring ‘chip’ new passport

The most important documents to travel overseas are passports, but soon all your old passports will be lost. In place of these you will have to take a new passport. The Modi government is going to give a new passport to the countrymen in the new year. The new passport will have a chip with an advanced security system. This chip will have full details of the applicant. In fact, the Ministry of External Affairs will soon issue a chip passport. The paper quality and printing of these passports will also be high-tech.

E-passport will

be made in the Indian Security Press (ISP) of the new chip passport i.e. manufacturing of e-passports in Nashik. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has allowed ISPs to enter the tender for taking chip operating systems. Once the tender process is completed, the work of e-passport will be started. According to Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh, the government has given green signal to the e-passport manufacturing manufacturing.

Chip to be filled in a chip will be filled in the full details

e-passport with full details of the applicant. For this, biometric data and digital sign chip will be stored in it. The special thing is that while traveling, the full details of the person will be visible in the airport system. The second important thing is that if a person tamper with the chip in the passport, then the passport service system will get an alert. Passport Authentication will not be completed after this. All embassies in the country abroad will be linked to the e-passport project. Indian embassies in the US and UK have already been added to this project.

It will take only seven days

to build a passport, it takes about 15 to 20 days for a normal passport to be created. However, the process of making chip passports will be faster. After applying, passport will be ready in just 7 days. Passport Authority of India will issue a passport after its necessary precaution. After the new passport is issued, your old passport will be canceled automatically.

Now in these countries

e-passport system has been implemented in almost 86 countries besides the US, Italy, Germany, Japan, European countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia before e-passport system has been implemented. Before India, this system has also been included in neighboring Pakistan. It is expected that e-passports will also be issued in India in 2019.