Now,Get More Benefits With LPG Gas Connections.


5 benefits associated with gas connections, you must be aware of their

5 benefits associated with gas connections, you must be aware of their

The Government periodically changes the rules related to gas connections. The Central Government has reduced many problems of people through DBTL scheme and online processing. Yet there are many things people do not know. You are telling 5 things about the benefits associated with gas connection, which can be used anytime.

The point of the benefits:

1. The cylinders you use are hidden in the advantages. However, the distributor does not tell this to the Consumers. Actually, when buying a cylinder, it gets insured. People who do not have the information about this insurance till Rs 50 lakh The cylinder’s insurance is linked to its expiry. Often people buy it without checking the expiry date of the cylinder. So keep this thing in mind.


Up to 50 lakhs, the insurance company gets insurance of up to Rs. 10 lakhs and 25 lakhs, after taking aninsurancegas connection. Under this, the victim can claim the victim if the gas cylinder is incurred. At the same time, there is a provision of giving up to 50 lakh rupees for a mass accident. Aadhaar Card Update: Check online at UIDAI website

Identifying Expiry Date Such

  • On the cylinder strip there are numbers with a letter from A, B, C, D.
  • Gas companies divide 12 months into four parts and form a group of cylinders.
  • The ‘A’ group consists of January, February, March and ‘B’ groups in April, May. The ‘C’ group consists of October, November and December in July, August, September and ‘D’ groups.
  • Numbers written with these group letters on the cylinder show expiry or testing year. For example, ‘B-12’ means the expiry date of the cylinder is June 2012. Similarly, ‘C-12’ ​​means the use of the cylinder after September, 2012 is dangerous.


The point of benefit: 2 Do this on  city ​​change, gas connection transfer.

Now you will not have the tension of gas connection when the city changes. You can change your gas connection at any city. For this, you have to work a bit. This service is applicable throughout the country.

What is the process

  • Go to your gas agency at the city you are currently living in. Submit your gas cylinders and regulators here.
  • By doing so, the gas agency distributor will refund the deposited money to you.
  • Along with this, he will give you a form, which will prove to be your gas connection.
  • Now if you change the city, then go to the gas agency in the city where you live.
  • Show that form to the gas agency that you got from the old city’s gas agency.
  • By depositing the money you were given back to the new agency, you can get the connection back.


Benefit point: 3 gas connections can be transferred

Now you can transfer gas connections in the name of any member of the family. Along with this it is also the facility that you are using someone else’s connection, that can also be transferred to your name. If the gas connections are transferred then two affidavits will be needed. Both individuals must fill each sworn affidavit. In it, he has to tell that there is no gas connection before the name of the gas connection holder. The second affidavit will give the person who wants to give the connection to the person who is in front. He will have to give NOC in relation to name transfers in his affidavit. Besides, the person who transfers the name will need to clear the current connection cost and security money to the concerned agency.

You need to give an ID from the Aadhar Card, Driving License, Lease Agreement, Voter ID, Telephone / Electricity / Water Bill, Passport, Ration Card in the form of Residence proof to transfer thedocumentconnection. As a photo ID, you can give Aadhar card, passport number, PAN card, voter ID. It has to be sworn in with oath. Two photos will be given for KYC form. To link the bank account with it, a photocopy of a canal check or passbook has to be given.


Advantage: 4 Online Take Gas Connection

Now you can take online gas connection through website. This scheme has been implemented since Sep 4.

Such books should be online connection, this should be a document

  • After opening website, the corner will get a link to the ‘intuitive’ portal. Click on this link first. Here you will find an option of ‘Online connection’, click on it.
  • The applicant must upload the Aadhaar number and the bank account number with his photograph.
  • After providing details of ID proof, registration will be done.
  • After the registration process is complete, the option of online payment will come.
  • The reference number will appear on the applicant’s e-mail after paying. Declaration of payment will also be found on e-mail.
  • Once the gas company issues the connection, a copy will be delivered to the customer’s e-mail.

Benefits of: 5 Complete Online Process for Gas Subsidy 

Step-1: First click on this website after clicking on it Aadhaar card website will be open There will be a start Now button. Clicking on this will open another page.

Step-2: Onthis page, your details will be asked for you. There will be three options. Which are the residents of the first state, who are the residents of the city. After this you are linking the Aadhaar card to the beneficiaries. There will be one option in the LPG After this it will have to fill the company name.

Step-3: In thethird step you will have to fill your distributor, Consumer number. After this, you must provide e-mail ID, phone number and Aadhaar numbers.

Step-4: Verification: After having the mobile, e-mail ID registrar, you will have an OTP number. Enter the number instead of the verification code and then the image in the box will be filled alpha numeric code. After this, after checking all the last, the submit button will be pressed. Your request will be approved shortly after. After this the subsidy will be directly accessible to your bank account.