Now You Can Easily Change Your Name In Voter ID.


Change your name, address and photo in the Voter ID, it is quite easy.

The Lok Sabha elections are coming closer and the youth who are not just making the age of 18 are making their Voter ID cards, but also people who want to make changes in the address, photo or name of their voter identity card whose current card Are wrong in You can easily change your Voter ID photo, address or name by sitting at home. Today we will tell you the easiest way.


In such an alternate Voter ID, you must go to the National Voters Service’s official website to change your address in the voter ID card i.e. voter identity card. Here you will see Correction of entries in electoral roll ie 8, click on it. Here you will see an option to change the address. After giving proper information, you will have to upload an official document such as Aadhaar card, bank passbook or driving license as an address proof.

After submitting the form, you will get a reference number so that you can track your application. After Verification from the Government, Voter ID will be sent to your new address.


Change your Voter ID in this photo also you will have to go to website. Click on Form 8 here. Here you will have to choose some important information like state, assembly, parliamentary area and then choose the change you want to make in the voter identity card. Select the photo to change the photo Here you will also be asked for personal information along with your Voter ID card details.

Apart from this, you also need to fill in your email ID, phone number etc. Confirmation message will come after filling this form. Then, your photo will be updated within a month.



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