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IRCTC luggage rules: Extra baggage limit, free allowances, charges and other details.

New Delhi: Have you ever wondered while traveling in the train that there is a certain limit that passenger is allowed to carry luggage with him? However, while traveling in trains, you need not worry about the baggage limit, check-in, check-out, etc. Not many people know that Indian Railways has certain luggage rules.

It is worth mentioning that the free luggage limit in trains is higher than the domestic flights. Apart from this, there is a penalty if the passegers carry luggage above the prescribed limit. Each passenger is allowed a free allowance up to which he can carry luggage with him or her in the compartment that too free of cost. The free allowance is different for different classes of travel. Given below are the IRCTC luggage rules-


According to the West Central Railways’ website passenger are allowed to book and carry excess luggage beyond the free allowance with them in the compartment up to the maximum limit as per class mentioned in the table on payment of charge at 1.5 times of luggage rate.

Children of age 5 and below 12 years are allowed half of the free allowance subject to the maximum of 50 Kgs.


If a passenger is found either en route or at the destination with unbooked or partially booked luggage of weight more than the free allowance, the excess unbooked weight exceeding free allowance of luggage will be charged at 6 times the luggage scale rate instead of six times of scale-R.

However, if the passenger is detected with unbooked or partially booked luggage above the free allowance but within the marginal allowance, then luggage will be charged at 1.5 times the luggage scale rate.

When a passenger is found either enroute or at destination with unbooked or partially booked luggage weighing above the maximum limit permitted, the excess weight exceeding free allowance of luggage will be charged at six times of the luggage scale rate subject to a minimum of Rs 50.

In case, your luggage marginally exceeds the free allowance, you will be charged at the normal luggage rates applicable to your class of travel.

It is to be noted that the passengers must book their excess luggage in the luggage office, pay the prescribed charges and get their tickets endorsed by cross-referencing the luggage ticket details before starting the journey.