Now Allows Users To Subscribe New Channels By Giving A Missed Call.


Airtel Digital TV Now Allows Users to Subscribe New Channels by Giving a Missed Call.

Airtel Digital TV has introduced a new mechanism wherein subscribers will be able to select a new channel by just providing a missed call. This new feature comes in extremely handy for the customers alongside the SMS activation method, which is already popular amongst the customers. Airtel Digital TV is known for innovating new things in its sector and this new channel selection mechanism adds into the list. When Trai introduced the new tariff mandate, Airtel Digital TV announced a new method in which subscribers were able to change their channel packs using the set-top box itself, something which was later on introduced by other DTH service providers. Such small features will help the DTH wing of Bharti Airtel to add more users onboard, beating other operators in the race.


Airtel Digital TV New Missed Call Subscription System: How to Use

According to this latest update, Airtel Digital TV has introduced the missed call system to subscribe to any channel available on the DTH platform. Previously, the subscribers had to send an SMS to the DTH provider through their phone to subscribe to any channel. They were required to send an “Add LCN” SMS along with the LCN number of the channel to add any specific channel to their subscription. But, owing to this new service, now subscribers will simply be able to add channels by giving a missed call to 9154052### where the last ### Represents the LCN Number of that channel. For example, if you would like to subscribe to Star Sports 1, then you would have to give a missed call to 9154052277, where 277 is the LCN of the Channel.

Airtel Digital TV Discounts STB Prices to Take on the Competition

In another move to lure the new customers to its DTH platform, Airtel Digital TV has also slashed the prices of its set-top boxes. This new price cut is applicable on both the HD and SD version of Airtel Digital TV set-top boxes. Airtel Digital TV has announced that it will be bringing down the prices of the HD and SD set-top boxes by as much as Rs 200. This new move would help the DTH operator in attracting new customers for its service. Much similar to Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky has also slashed the prices of its HD and SD set-top boxes as it will help the subscribers in reaching more subscribers with a much affordable STB price.



Airtel Digital TV 6 New Channel Packs

Recently, Airtel Digital TV has also introduced 6 new channel packs for its subscribers. These moves will help the operator in going forward with a consumer-centric vision. Airtel Digital TV had introduced six new long-term channel packs for the subscribers which come in either 6-months or 12-months subscription options. These channels packs include Hindi Value SD Pack, UDP Packs, Gujarat Value Sports SD Pack, Gujarat Mega SD Pack, Gujarat Value Sports HD and Gujarat Mega HD.

Airtel Digital TV Adds More Than 15,000 Subscribers in June Quarter

During its earnings calls, Bharti Airtel reported that Airtel Digital TV has added more than 15,000 subscribers in the quarter that ended on June 30, 2019. Everyone expected that DTH operators would lose subscribers on a large number owing to the sub-par tariff mandate announced by Trai. However, that’s not the case as operators are gaining subscribers thanks to the price reduction on set-top boxes, channel packs and other additional benefits.