Instagram Launches New SlowMo, Echo, Duo Effects For Boomerang.


Instagram has launched three new Boomerang effects: SlowMo, Echo, and Duo. Keep reading to find out more.

Instagram is currently in the race with Snapchat and TikTok to win a place in the hearts of the youth. The Facebook-owned social media platform recently launched a new update for its popular Boomerang feature. For those, who do not know what the Boomerang feature is, it is a six-second video loop created by playing a one-second clip forward and reverse six times. It can be shared with friends and followers through Instagram stories or your feed.


Instagram offered a bunch of effects and filters for Boomerang, the company has added new options with the latest update. Now, you will get a trimming feature to select the exact part of the video you would like to share in place of posting the video exactly as you shot it, or having to reshoot it. Also, there are some new effects that have been launched:

• SlowMo – As the name suggests, this feature slows the Boomerang video down to half of its speed.

• Echo – This feature gives your clip a double-vision look by adding a motion blur effect to any moving parts in the video.

• Duo – This gives the clip a digitized look as it starts by rapidly rewinding the clip.

One can try these features by shooting a Boomerang on Instagram. After it has been shot, one can choose from the above-listed effects by selecting the ‘infinity’ symbol, available on the top of the screen. Once you are done editing the clip, you can share it on Instagram stories as you traditionally do.