How to quit cigarette?


How to quit cigarette? We tell you 3 easy steps!

There comes a time in every smoker’s life when they decide to quit cigarette for good. While it is a noble decision to make, the ultimate destination is not quite easy. Overcoming a nicotine addiction is not a walk in the park. Hence, you need to be really, really clear with your vision and objective about why you need to quit smoking for good.
To begin with, write down the list of reasons which will inspire you to kick that butt for good. A good place to start will be to improve your health. These reasons will actually help you to stick to your ultimate goal, without wavering. So, whenever you feel compelled to take a drag, these reasons will let you stay right on the track

We have broken down the whole process in these 3 easy steps. Thank us later.

1. Stop feeding the addiction

Yes, the first and foremost step is to not give in when you itch for cigarettes. Remember, the more you feed the addiction, the stronger the monster grows and it becomes all the more difficult to quit your nicotine addiction.

2. It will get difficult before it gets easy

3. Finally, starve the monster!

This is the final step. Once you show enough resilience, your monstrous addiction is going to wean off gradually. The only way you can ACTUALLY get rid of your addiction is by starving it. You may experience mild withdrawal symptoms but you need to stick to your resolution by hook or by crook.