How to maximise credit card points


Use credit cards for majority of your payments which you can transact online. It would enable you to increase your chances of more reward points in one year cycle.

How to maximise credit card points Having a credit card is not enough to maximise its utility. A common use of the credit card is to avail money today and pay next month. What about the other facilities that you can also avail by using your credit card. A credit card holder must know that the credit card has some more benefits that your bank is giving beyond buying your valuables and paying next month. Reward points are one of them!


Generally a simple VISA credit card gives around Rs 0.2 for each points you earn on your expenses. A bank gives around 2 points on your Rs 150 expenses through your credit card. So, if you transact around Rs 15,000 in one month, your earned reward points would be 200 means Rs 40 bonus in a month. But to avail that bonus money one need to claim that before it expires after one year. but, if you do majority of your transactions through your credit card, you can definitely take this expenses to around 50-60 per cent of your monthly income.

Generally, there is a cycle of year for a credit card holder and he or she must claim its reward points before it expires. A banker would never tell you to claim the reward points as it is nearing expiry. It’s your alertness that needs to keep you updated about your reward point claims. Generally, it’s advisable to claim in the first working day of the first month of every new year cicle of your credit card that can give you an amount that can be used for a big purpose like buying a home appliance or some important utensil for your car, kitchen, kids etc.


Pay through credit card while recharging our mobile phones, DTH services and other utility bills. In the time of digitisation, we should be paying majority of our bills through credit card so that we can put as much of our expenses in the credit card bills as much we can. For example, we often go for a dine with friends. Rather, paying cash individually, one can offer his or her credit card to pay the bill in one shot. If you adopt this way, you earned cash by offering your credit card and increased your credit card expense leading to more reward points. some people may say that by doing this you are unnecessarily making your credit card bill beyond your income. For them, it’s a myth which needs to be broken as soon as we can. When we get cash by offering our card after dining with friends, we can avoid fishing out money from the ATM. So, the additional money coming to your pocket should be left in your bank account.

Forget dining with friends. We also go for dine or lunch with our family. Even in such situation, when you have enough money in your pocket, try paying online through credit card to make this outing little more profitable.


By doing online shopping, we can find offers by the e-commerce portals where 5 times reward points for shopping at that portal is common. If such offers are available on a particular shopping portal, it’s better to shop through that e-shopping portals. It will help you minimise your cash transaction and maximise reward point possibility. One need to avoid shopping from direct outlet if it doesn’t have an online payment system. Paying online even for your monthly grosseries is advisable as one would definitely spend around Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 a month if his or her income is Rs 50,000.

So, for those people, who find big price gap between the diret outlet and online shopping portal for same product, they can decide to go to the direct outlet but they do have online payment machine where one can use one’s credit card and earn some extra reward points for oneself.