Have ATM debit card, credit card? Beware! Don’t let this happen to you


Have ATM debit card, credit card? Beware! Don’t let this happen to you

ATM debit card, credit card owners must be very careful when they try to withdraw money from the machine or else they risk losing their money to thieves. So many people re not aware of what they should do and not do while withdrawing their money and they constantly fall into the clutches of such people. To save themselves and their precious money at ATMs, they should not do a number of things or else they could fall victim as an incident involving the money of this man shows.

It is a clear warning banks send out frequently that the public must not let anyone inside the ATM cabin with themselves. They should wait patiently till the person ahead of them in the queue has withdrawn money and then get inside the cabin. If there is someone inside, tell them to leave or else complain to the guard or officials.

Just yesterday, this BSF jawan was targetted by thieves and they looked to steal Rs 10,000 from his account in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar. When the jawan was withdrawing his money, two men there pushed a button that crashed the machine. The jawan was very confused and suddenly he became very alarmed when the bank sent an SMS to his phone indicating Rs 10,000 was withrawn from his account.

Fortunately, the jawan showed exemplary courage and state of mind and deduced that the duo were responsible and even as they tried to run away, he managed to catch them. This was revealed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (south) Vijay Kumar and he also said that the thieves had been arrested.

The jawan lodged a complaint and the duo, named Gulshan (22) and Aniket (23), were arrested on Sunday, according to PTI. In another shocking revelation, it emerged that 7 ATM cards as well as Rs 10,000 were recovered from the duo.

The biggest lessons to be drawn from this are the following:

1. Do not allow anyone inside the ATM when you are withdrawing or depositing money

2. Do not let anyone help you while taking money out – in case of a problem, call the guard or the bank officials. Or even call the helpline immediately.

3. Do not reveal the ATM debit card, credit card number to anyone

4. Do not reveal the ATM debit card and credit card PIN number to anyone

5. Check if there are any hidden cameras, wires or other equipment near or in the ATM that are suspicious. Cloning machines and even cameras can be inserted by thieves to find out your card and PIN numbers.

If you are careful and follow these steps, you will probably never encounter an ATM case like the above.