Get Driving License Through Online by this Process…


Get Driving License Through Online by this Process…

DigiLocker, a government platform for online issuance and verification of documents, has partnered with the ‘Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for making digital Driving License (DL) and vehicle registration certificates (RC) available to Indian citizens, according to the official website of DigiLocker- Under this partnership, DigiLocker is now directly integrated with the National Register, which is the national database of driving license and vehicle registration data across the country, said DigiLocker. DigiLocker users can now easily access their digital RC and DL both on desktop computers and on mobile devices.

The evolution of internet has made a tremendous change in the lifestyle of the people on the planet earth. Human beings are depending so much on it, that it is difficult to survive without internet even for one hour. The usage of internet has its share of pros and cons. If used for the betterment of the lives, it can bring the smile on scores of people. One such thing is DigiLocker.

What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a “digital locker” service operated by the Government of India which enables the Indian citizens to store certain official documents in the cloud. The service is aimed to reduce the need to carry physical documents.

It is a part of the Government’s Digital India Initiative.

Which documents can be stored in DigiLocker?

Documents such as educational certificates, PAN Card, driving license, vehicle ownership documents, identification card issued by government agencies like Aadhaar Card and so on can be stored in DigiLocker.

What is the Storage Space in DigiLocker?

1 GB of storage Space is offered to the users to store documents in DigiLocker.

What are the requirements to use DigiLocker?

The users need to possess an Aadhaar Card to use the DigiLocker facility.

To sign-up for the DigiLocker, the user should first enter the Aadhaar Card number. After entering the Aadhaar Card number, the one-time password will be sent to the Aadhaar linked mobile number, which has to be entered to sign-up.

For further log-ins, the user can set their password which links the account to Facebook or Google logins.

Who are the Stakeholders of DigiLocker?

There are three stakeholders for DigiLocker Platform. They are Citizens, Issuers, and Requesters.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Partners with DigiLocker

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has partnered with DigiLocker to make digital Driving Licenses (DL) available to Indian citizens, according to the official website of DigiLocker –

Under the partnership, DigiLocker will now directly integrate with the National Register, which is the national database of driving license and vehicle registration data across the country, said DigiLocker. The users of DigiLocker can now easily access the digital form of RC both on their mobile devices and on computers.

Benefits of Digital Driving License

• As per the DigiLocker, the digital Driving License will minimize the use of physical documents.
• The citizens can share the authentic digital driving license directly from the data source.
• The digital driving license can be shared with other departments as a proof of address and proof of identity thereby reducing the administrative work.
• The digital Driving License can be spot verified for authenticity either by scanning the QR code on digital documents or by using the QR scan facility on DigiLocker mobile application.

Steps for Securing Digital Driving License Through DigiLocker

• Users should first link their Aadhaar Card number with DigiLocker account.
• Once it is done, they have to click on the Pull Partner Documents section.
• Then select the issuer and the type of document and enter the document related details.
• The document will be fetched from the database.
• Now save a permanent link (URL) to this digital document under the “Issued Documents” section for later use.


  1. I lost my 2-wheeler driving licence at home 10 years ago. Do not know the number. Could not get duplicate as the RTA Malakpet did not preserve my application form in which the number could have been noted. I am 68 and cannot undergo fresh tests. Now how can I get DL. I am prepared to pay the fees but cannot keep running to RTA which is quite far.

  2. I COULDN’T pull the document. I receive the following message.
    I’m trying to pull my Driving License to digilocker.
    Issuer service unavailable, failed to connect. Please try again or try after some time. If problem persists, see the FAQ section for possible causes

  3. Respected Sir,
    Timely, I have submitted my document in RTO Muzaffar Nagar (UP) on 08/01/2018 at 11.32 am for transfer from ARTO office Muzaffar Nagar to New Delhi.
    Sir date of renewal of my driving licence is 26/05/2018, license no UP12/1998/0003141 and date of birth 25/10/1972.
    Sir paper of my documents not yet reached in RTO office sector 9 Dwarka New Delhi.It is for your information and necessary action.



    Pankaj Kumar Goel

    Mob – 9818789269


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