Free Rice Scheme for Flood Affected Victims in Kerala Extended till December 2018


Kerala govt. Free Rice Scheme for the flood affected victims has been extended till December 2018 to distribute 5 Kg rice at zero cost to all the non-priority cardholders, each food kit of supplyco worth Rs. 500 which includes 6 food items including rice and grains would be given for free

Each food kit of supplyco costs around Rs. 500 which includes 6 food items including rice and grains. The state govt. has procured 89,540 tonnes of rice at the rate of Rs. 25 per kilogram and these rice would be distributed absolutely free of cost.

The kits are going to be distributed as per the revenue department headed by the district collector.

Free Rice Scheme for Flood Victims in Kerala Extended

The state govt. is going to provide 5 kg rice at zero cost to each needy and poor flood victims under the Free Rice Scheme in Kerala. All the priority card holders are already receiving rice and other grains absolutely free of cost. All the members of weaker and economically backward classes in the flood affected areas are also being issued free food kits. Now all the non-priority cardholders will get supply of free rice and grains till December 2018.

Each food kit of supplyco which is worth Rs. 500 will contain 6 items including rice and other grains. All the priority ration cardholders, workers listed in employment guarantee scheme, scheduled castes (SC), scheduled tribes (ST), widows and differently-abled people are the beneficiaries of this scheme.

The Kerala government had asked the central govt. for around 1.14 lakh tons of rice for flood affected victims. This amount is equivalent to the rice distributed through the state’s public distribution network in a month. Central govt. has allocated around 89,540 tonnes of rice but these rice will be charged at the rate of Rs. 25 per kilogram.

The rice thus procured from the central govt. is going to be distributed for free to poor and needy people. This cost would be deducted either from the national disaster relief fund or Kerala’s flood relief fund.


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