Fingerprint Unlock, Dark Mode, and More, Here’s


The popular mobile messaging app is expected to get all of these features this year.

There is a no denying fact that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service around the globe. With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, the app has seen several improvements over the years. Yet there are so many features that are yet to arrive on the popular app.

We have compiled a list of features, confirmed and unconfirmed, that are expected to arrive on WhatsApp this year.

Dark Mode
A bunch of apps today offer dark-mode which is primarily a theme with dark colours and dim lighting. Not only does this help in using the app at night, but it also helps to conserve battery life of your device. We are expecting this feature to hit WhatsApp soon.

Media Preview

This feature will allow users to preview messages with media directly from the notification shade. As of now, users have to open the message to view a photo, video or GIF.

Sticker Search
Emoji search was introduced last year which helped users to quickly find their desired emoji. This year, it is expected to release a similar feature for searching Stickers. Stickers were recently introduced and is still a growing feature for the messaging app.

Consecutive Voice Messaging
For the ones who use the voice feature, this might entice you. As of now, users have to tap on every voice message in order to listen to the contents, but a new update is expected to bring a feature wherein voice messages will automatically start playing after the chosen one is finished.

Fingerprint Unlock
Everyone is concerned with privacy and security in today’s digital age. According to a source, WhatsApp might be working on bringing an extra layer of security by adding fingerprint authorization for the app. This essentially means that users will need to authenticate their identity everytime they open the app.