Applying For A Home Loan? Know The Interest Rates


Take a look at the interest rates offered by different banks in the country.

Interest Rates on Home Loans ( %)
InstitutionLoanLoan 30 LacLoan >=Rs 75 LacMCLR**Wef
Floating Rates :
Allahabad Bank8.358.358.35- 8.858.301-May-18
Andhra Bank8.55-8.68.55-8.68.55-8.78.515-May-18
Axis Bank^8.4-8.458.4- 8.78.65-8.758.318-Apr-18
Bank of Baroda**^8.45-9.458.45-9.458.45-9.458.4506-Jun-18
Bank of India8.48.4-8.58.4-8.58.410-Apr-18
Bank of Maharashtra8.758.758.75-8.858.7507-May-18
Canara Bank8.55- 8.68.55- 8.78.65- 8.758.507-Jun-18
Central Bank8.458.458.458.4501-Jun-18
Corporation Bank8.4-8.858.4-8.858.4-9.18.3^^15-Mar-18
Dena Bank8.4-8.458.4-8.458.4-8.558.401-Jun-18
Federal Bank9-9.259-9.259-9.258.9516-May-18
HDFC Bank8.5-8.68.5-8.78.6-8.704-Jun-18
ICICI Bank8.55-8.758.55-8.98.85- 9.058.4NA
Indian Bank8.48.48.4-8.58.409-Apr-18
IDBI Bank^*8.45- 8.58.45- 8.658.6-8.758.4512-May-18
J&K Bank8.65- 8.758.65- 8.758.65- 9.058.65^10-May-18
Karnataka Bank^*8.558.558.55-8.958.501-Dec-18
Karur Vysya Bank*8.65-9.28.65-9.28.65-9.29.207-May-18
Punjab National Bank8.6-8.658.6-8.658.6-8.78.401-Jun-18
Punjab & Sind Bank8.58.58.5- 8.758.516-May-18
State Bank of India8.45- 8.758.45-98.6-98.2501-Jun-18
South Indian Bank^^^8.6-9.08.6-9.08.6-9.08.5^20-May-18
Syndicate Bank8.
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank8.958.958.958.95Dec-17
UCO Bank8.458.45-8.558.55-8.78.4510-Sep-17
Union Bank of India8.558.558.55- 8.68.4501-Jun-18
United Bank of India8.^11-Apr-18
Vijaya Bank8.
Fixed Rates :
Axis Bank11.7511.7511.75NA
Corporation Bank11.85-12.3512.3512.3515-Mar-18
Dena Bank11.2511.7511.7501-Feb-18
HDFC Bank8.6-8.78.6-8.88.7- 8.804-Jun-18
ICICI bank8.55-9.958.55-10.308.9-10.3NA
Indian Bank9.49.49.4-9.509-Apr-18
IDBI bank10.10-10.3510.10-10.3510.10-10.3501-Jul-17
Punjab National Bank9.1- 9.159.1- 9.159.1- 9.2NA
Union Bank of India11.412.4-12.6512.6501-Apr-18
Vijaya BankNa

Housing Finance Companies
Floating Rates :
Dewan Housing***8.358.358.35NA
Tata Capital8.5- 8.758.5- 8.958.65- 9.0513-Apr-18
PNB Housing8.85- 11.758.85- 11.758.85- 11.75NA
Central Bank Housing9.8-9.959.9- 9.959.9- 9.9501-Jan-17
HDFC Ltd8.5-9.18.5-9.28.6-9.2NA
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd8.5-9.858.5-9.858.5-10.75NA
Fixed Rates :
PNB Housing8.4- 11.758.4- 11.758.55- 11.75NA
HDFC Ltd8.6-9.28.6-9.38.7-9.3NA
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd9.05-10.19.05-10.19.05-11NA

^^3 Month MCLR
** 1 Year MCLR ref rate
***8.35% onwards
^MCLR Reset frequency for Home Loans – Half Yearly
^*For Plain Home Loan with MCLR Reset frequency for Home Loans – 6 Months
**^additional charge as per risk rating of applicant
^^^ Interest range consider rate on the basis of 6 month and 1 year MCLR both
* Interest range consider rate on the basis of 3 month and 1 year MCLR both
Note :
Fixed/Floating Rates that vary with tenures within the specified loan amounts are indicated as a range. Fixed interest rates may be subject to a revision after a specified tenure depending on the bank’s t&c. Some banks/FIs allows fixed rate only for a definite period and thereafter prevailing floating rates are made applicable.            (Rates as on 8 Jun 18
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