Aadhaar data claimed to be leaked Indane system of LPG connections


Aadhaar data claimed to be leaked Indane system of LPG connections

Do you know that information about your Aadhaar card registered in the company’s server is being stolen to take subsidy of domestic gas cylinder. A foreign news portal of technical news, ZDNet has claimed that any person can download data of any Aadhaar card holder, including the details of their bank accounts due to the mess in the system of public sector LPG distribution company Inden. .

News portal reported to be a vulnerable point here, the security researcher to tell Delhi resident claimed quoting Karan Saini Indane company system, so that data theft.

Saini claims that the use of base database is done through the Indo Analytical Profile Index (API) system to confirm the identity of any customer. But the company’s API system has not been secured, so anyone can view data from anyone by closing it. The portal has also given full technical information about the way to get rid of Saini.

Let also not Chete Indian authorities

were warned several times by the Indian authorities in this regard has been claimed in the report of the news portal on their behalf e-mail, but no one has responded nor disturbances went fine.

The news portal claimed that Devi Prasad Mishra, the consul general of the Indian Embassy in New York, was also informed about this, but they did not even respond to it. This disturbance continued even after one week. However, the News Portal claims that after publishing news on Friday, this unsafe point has been closed.


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