7th CPC Travelling Allowance


The 7th Central Pay Commision (CPC) Travelling Allowance has undergone a revision recently. The new rules are beneficial to Central Government employees who avail Leave Travel Concession (LTC) and those who travel regularly for official purposes.

According to the 6th CPC, travelling allowances for air travel were offered only to employees in pay level 9 and above. After the implementation of the 7th CPC, Central Government employees in the pay level of 6 and above are eligible for an allowance for travel by air. Additionally, employees in the pay level 5 and below will be provided an allowance to travel by First Class/ AC-III/ AC chair car by train.

Based on the prevailing rates, reimbursement for food expenses, accommodation, and local travel expenses will be increased.

Entitlements for tours or training journeys

Government employees will be entitled to the following benefits for travel within the country and outside:

  1. Travel within India
Pay Level according to Pay MatrixTravel entitlement
14 and aboveAC-I in a train or Business or Club class by air
12 and 13AC-I in a train or Economy class by air
6 to 11AC-II in a train or Economy class by air
5 and belowAC-III/ First Class/ AC chair car by train

The government has also decided to allow officials to travel by Premium trains, Suvidha trains, or Tatkal trains. Reimbursement will be offered for reservations on premium tatkal tickets and dynamic flexi-fare in Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Duronto trains. The government employee is required to book a seat for travel associated with training or official tour. The reimbursement for tatkal seva charges with a fixed rate will remain as before.

The reimbursement for journeys in Premium, Premium Tatkal, Shatabdi, Suvidha, Duronto, and Rajdhani trains will be as follows:

Pay Level according to Pay MatrixTravel entitlement
12 and aboveExecutive or AC 1st class in Premium trains
6 to 11AC 2nd class or chair car in Shatabdi trains
5 and belowAC 3rd class or chair car

The revised entitlements for travel are based on the following conditions:

  • For places that are not connected through rail,
    • Travel is provided by AC bus for employees entitled to travel by AC II Tier and above
    • Travel is provided by deluxe or ordinary bus for all other employees
  • For road travel between regions that are connected by rail, travel is allowed by any means of public transport as long as the total fare is not in excess of the train fare by the entitled class.
  • The mileage earned by employees for official travel by air will be used by the respective departments for official travel of other employees. Mileage points should not be used by employees for private travel purposes.
  • If the employee does not receive a seat in the entitled class, he/she may travel in a lower class.

    1. Reimbursement of hotel expenses

For officers of levels 8 and below, the claim amount up to the upper limit may be payable without the requirement for furnishing any vouchers. The claim should indicate the name of the accommodation, period of stay, etc. For stay in Class C cities, the upper limit for all employees up to level 8 is Rs.1,000 per day. But this is payable only if the relevant vouchers are furnished. The upper limit for the reimbursement of hotel charges will rise by 25% when there is a 50% increase in DA.

    1. Reimbursement of travel expenses

Just like the reimbursement of accommodation charges for officers of level 8 and below, the claim amount up to the maximum limit will be paid without the need to furnish vouchers. Such self-certified claims should clearly state the vehicle number and period of travel. The upper limit for officers of levels 11 and below will increase further by 25% if there is a 50% rise in DA. If the officer travelled by foot, an allowance of Rs.12 per km will be paid additionally. This rate also increases by 25% for every 50% rise in DA.

    1. Reimbursement of food expenses

Food bills will not be reimbursed separately. The total amount will be paid as a lump sum according to the table in Section ‘5a’ above. It also depends on the time of absence from headquarters as indicated in the table under Section ‘e’ below. Since there is no reimbursement involved in food expenses, there is no need to furnish any voucher. The total amount payable will increase by 25% when there is a 50% increment in DA.

    1. Restrictions on timing

The absence of the employee from headquarters will be taken from midnight to midnight and will be calculated on a daily basis. The schedule for the same is as shown below:

    1. Other restrictions

If the employee travels or stays in Government boats/ships or travels to remote places on foot/mules, daily allowance will be paid according to the rates for the reimbursement of the food bills. This is subject to the employee travelling for the purpose of data collection for organisations like Survey of India, Forest Survey of India (FSI), Geological Survey of India (GSI), etc. It should be noted that the amount will be reimbursed irrespective of the actual expenses incurred for the purpose. The controlling officer or the Head of Department is required to give an approval for the same. The DA rates for travel abroad will be controlled by the government.

The travel allowance provided on transfer of the employee includes 4 components and is different from the entitlements mentioned above. Travelling allowance is also offered to retiring employees on a different scale.


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